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crowns.jpgA crown (or cap) is an artificial covering which fits over an existing tooth. It may be made of porcelain, metal or a combination of both. A crown may be used to restore the appearance of a broken, cracked, heavily filled or worn tooth, or for cosmetic reasons.

How is a crown prepared?

  • your dentist may take X-rays to assess your mouth
  • a thin layer of tooth (between 1 to 2 mm) is trimmed away from the surface
  • a shade guide may be used to select the correct color of porcelain
  • impressions of the prepared tooth and teeth of the opposite jaw are taken and constructed in a dental laboratory
  • a temporary crown is fitted to protect the prepared tooth between visits

How is it fitted?

  • the temporary crown is removed at the return visit
  • the crown is checked for comfort, fit and color
  • Dr. Nabaie will permanently cement your new crown(s) in place with cement
  • We only use high quality  dental laboratories for fabrication of our crowns.  Therefore you can be rest assured that you are receiving the best  looking and functioning  crown available.  

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