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Northwest Dental Center | 3D Cone Beam Imaging in Edmonds

21810 76th Ave W, Ste 101
Edmonds, WA 98026

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Instrumentarium Maxio OP300 Cone Beam

AGD Member

Cone Beam 3-D Dental Imaging System

The current emerging standard of care in dentistry and dental implantology is the use of three dimensional x-ray studies. The 3-D images allow our doctors to collect the needed and highly valuable diagnostic information so they can best plan and deliver dental and surgical care.

Cone Beam 3D Imaging provides three-dimensional imaging right in our office.  It enhances diagnosis and treatment planning by providing more accurate imaging. Using the 3-D mapping tool, our doctors can easily format and select desired images for immediate viewing. Cone Beam imaging delivers quicker and easier image acquisition a typical scan takes only 20 to 30 seconds.  These 3D images can be used to diagnose bone quantity and quality for implants, evaluate TMJ and airway and locate vital structures that need be avoided during surgery.

The patient benefits from less radiation as well as the comfortable, open environment. Aside from the physical comfort of this system, the doctor can share a visual diagnosis with patients, making them more comfortable with their treatment plan and actively participate in their care. The speed of the scan and the immediate results allows the doctor and patient to better communicate the aspects of a case.

Northwest Dental Center in Edmonds WA
Northwest Dental Center in Edmonds WA

                 3D Image to identify nerve in lower jaw                                           3D Image for planning a dental implant

Edmonds Dentist | 3D Cone Beam Imaging. Reza Nabaie is a Edmonds Dentist.